Our honorary and committed Board of Directors leads all areas. It’s progress motto replicates itself in the professional team, who face its tasks in a serious and respectful manner day after day. Solidarity is a concept that characterises the Hogar. Our greatest challenge lies in contributing to living a quality elderhood.

Articles of interest

Lo que tengo es vejez (spanish)
Psic. Helena Hirsberg

Abordaje de riesgo suicida en el adulto mayor (spanish)
Psiq. Giannina Casali

Board of directors:

President: Diana Nahum

Vice president 1: Gabriel Kruchinski

Vice president 2: Mónica Ras

Secretary: Carina Sofer

Prosecretary: Gabriela Poplawsky

Treasurer: Mauro Kogan

Pro treasurer: Jorge Czarnievicz

Alternate: Helena Ras

Alternate: Daniel Schapira

Alternate – Igal Puyeski

Vocal – Graziella Fizboin

Vocal – Irina Novogrebelsky

Vocal – Igal Puyeski

Vocal – Daniel Wildbaum

Vocal: Marcela Golumchic

Direction team:

CEO – Lic. Ionit Leibovici

Technical director – Dra. Carla Di Candia

Institutional development director – Dipl. Yoni Kurlender

Medical Team: Doctor Family, Geriatrician, Registered Nurses, Nutritionist, Physiotherapists, Psychiatrist, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy technicians

Resident care team

Psycogerontologyst specialist

Qualified caregivers

Entertainment, activities and events team (active life)

Hospitality and logistics team

Gastronomic team


Communications team

Administration team

Resource development team