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    It is needed 2500 /month to afford their expenses.
    60 of them can not afford it.
    We need your help.
    It is all of us responsability to take care of them.

      1. Kitchen supplies: plastic glass, plastic or melamine mugs and pots – New or in excellent condition
      2. Portable cooker or gas burner and iron.
      3. Electrical appliance: 24″ or 32″ flat screen TV, blender, beater, mixer and toaster – New or in excellent condition
      1. 9,000 BTU air conditioners
      2. Mattresses with minimum height of 20, minimum density of 23 – New
      3. Bedside lamps – 100 identical lamps
      4. Indoor and outdoor paint
      5. Spray deodorants
      6. Cotton
      7. Big adult briefs
      8. Cologne
        1. Spray deodorants
        2. Cotton
        3. Big adult briefs
        4. Cologne
        5. Shampoo and conditioner
        6. Bandage
        7. Plastic and/or paper tape
        8. Lancets
        9. Syringe of 1cc, 5cc and 10cc
        10. Hygiene and/or sterile gloves

      Remember your birthday, anniversary, and graduation may become a special occasion.
      Not just for you and your guests but also for the grandparents who need your help.
      Your celebration may become a mitzva! Just phone to 099 204 023