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Israelite Home of Uruguay

Hogar de Ancianos (Nursing Home) is the only residential care home in Uruguay which hosts more than one hundred elderly people. Most of them are the origin of our Jewish community life.
Our institution wants the residents to live in a comfortable and welcoming place, and strives to satisfy the needs of all its residents, providing a good quality of life.
The word “Hogar“ (Home), indeed, refers to it. Our aim is to have a place where people can lead a happy life, ensuring their well-being.
Today, Hogar provides care to “grandparents” from different parts of the world and each of them has different needs to cater for.

Only 30% of them can afford this, and lot of them have no family support. Therefore, more than 70 “grandparents” get financial aid in order to preserve their community life and access to cleaning, healthy food, care and all sorts of activities.
We are sure that the effort is worth and the money obtained through fundraising is invested in an efficient way.
Our purpose is to provide good services to the ones that once gave us all they had.

Hogar Israelita de Ancianos was founded in 1937 with the aim of protecting and providing housing to Jewish people who have no family support.
In post-war times, it was a home for those who arrived from Europe, in accordance with our philosophy of helping everyone in need.
Hogar de Ancianos y Huérfanos (Home for the Elderly and Orphans) then became Hogar Israelita.

Nowadays, it is the only residential care home for Seniors in our community and our aim is that it becomes a real home for the people who live there.
We want our residents to feel happy and enjoy their daily activities, while sharing together as a community.
Our Board of Directors works in a voluntary and committed way, and there are also more than 100 professionals who work with dedication and respect.

The Hogar Israelita is a long term residence for the vulnerable Jewish elders, which provides care and comprehensive gerontological services assistance geared towards improving the quality of life of its residents in an environment based on Jewish values and traditions.

To be the best residence for the elderly, recognized by its human quality and its professional services, in a respectful framework of the Jewish values and traditions and permanently geared towards the satisfaction of its members and the community.