We have a professional team who works in a responsable and commeted way with the Adults. They know and enjoy their Jobs while they behave in a solidary way.
Our board works in an also solidary way and leads such professional team.

Texts of our officials, jobs, etc.

Lo que tengo es vejez (spanish)
Psic. Helena Hirsberg

Abordaje de riesgo suicida en el adulto mayor (spanish)
Psiq. Giannina Casali

Board of directors:

President – Helena Ras

Vice president 1- Daniel Schapira

Vice president 2 – Mauro Kogan

Secretary – Carina Sofer

Prosecretary – Gabriela Poplawsky

Treasurer – Diana Nahum

Pro treasurer – Gabriel Kruchinski

Alternate – Mónica Ras

Alternate – Gabriel Szarnievicz

Alternate – Igal Puyeski

Vocal – Graziella Fizboin

Vocal – David Kopel

Vocal – Irina Novogrebelsky


CEO: Lic. Ionit Leibovici

Executive Assistant: Alejandra Fruchter

Institutional Development: Yoni Kurlender

Institutional Development Assistant: Daniel Machado

Human Resources: Psic. Gerardo Ricardo

Attention to the Resident: Diego Perelmuter, Rachel Suhami, Andrea Soler

Nutritionist: Lic. Stephanie Aizen

Kashrut: Brian Kescherman

Logistics: Perla Fuhrman

Desarrollo de Fondos: Silvia Feldman

Medical area

Technical Director: Dra. de Familia Carla Di Candia

Dr. Geriatrician: Sergio Coitiño

Psychiatry: Dr. Psyquiatrist Giannina Casali

Physiotheraphy area

Lic. Victoria Pin
Romina Soravilla

Psychological area

Lic. Helena Hirsberg
Specialized in Adults


Lic. Márbel Sosa
de 00:00 a 06:00

Jorge Betancor
de 06:00 a 14:00

Aux. Nur. Sandra Peirano
de 14:00 a 22:00

Replacement: Aux. Enf. Silvia Geolkewsky

Operating Coordination: Juan Martínez

Pharmacy Analía Ruyperez

Podiatry: Eddy Litvins

Accountant: Cr. Ruben Tognola

Administration: Ana Díaz