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Jacki Miodownik. Lilian Seldes ‘s daughter

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Some grandparents have to live in institutions where medical and administrative protocols are prioritized, others stay at home with caretakers, but they lack medical care.
The Hogar Israelita finds itself in this fair and fit slot in which there is excellent physical care, in a social, Jweish and family environment. Each resident has a name and a last name, where his or her preferences are heard. Kol hakavod to the leaders and excellent professional team that leads this incredible task with love.

Judith Buksman and siblings. Isacc Buksman’s children

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For us the Hogar Israelita is the best thing that could have happened to our father, after a big loss, our mother. His own words: “my second home (hogar)”. Everyday we communicate with him, he always has something to tell us which fills us with emotion and, at the same time, calms us. We are more than satisfied having chosen the best place for our father to be spending this “new stage” (also his own words). We can only thank everyone who works there. We appreciate and value everything they are doing to overcome such a hard year. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Ronit Sachel. Miriam Cohn’s daughter

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“Hogar” never so well named. That is how my mom feels, part of a family, at home (hogar). With the right staff and always watchful to everything that’s happening and how each resident is feeling. A Jewish home that feels, beats and is alive through the aroma of the food, the activities and the festivities.
The affection the staff feels for the residents provides calmness
Thank you! Without you I don’t know what we would have done.